Violet Glass Technology

We think the science behind violet glass is pretty neat, but we'll spare you the drawn out explanation and tell you these two important facts: 

- Over time, visible light (sunlight) destroys organic matter. Cobalt blue, amber, green, and clear glass provide little to no protection from visible light. Only violet glass effectively blocks out ALL visible light. 

- Invisible light is BENEFICIAL to organic matter. The Egyptians knew this, and the study of biophotonics proves it. UVA and far infrared light actually REVERSE cell mutation in scientific studies and preserve whatever is inside of them. Cool, right?

Your Cocoon blocks out all visible light, and lets in UVA and far infrared, creating the perfect combination of protection and benefit. Your herb gets the best curing environment possible, and your bookshelf, coffee table, or smoke station gets a dashingly good looking piece of art. 

For more information on the science of violet glass, or the research of biophotonics, visit More About Biophotonics.

Cocoon has pioneered the industry's first Cannabis Test comparing ultra violet glass to amber and clear glass. After two months, the visible quality change was recorded with photographs (seen below), and the difference in smell was recorded in a blind test by experts in the cannabis industry. The illustration below clearly shows that the cannabis samples exposed to the sun have bleached, browned, and dried in the amber and the clear glass. The cannabis sample stored in violet glass shows no color change. The smell of the cannabis stored in violet glass was clearly stronger and as fresh as the day it entered the jar, while there was minimal to no smell to the cannabis stored in the clear and amber glass. The cannabis flowers each weighed 1.00 gram when placed in each of the respective glass containers. After two months, Cocoon's cannabis weighed 1.00g., the amber glass weighed 0.97g., and the clear glass 0.94g. The results speak for themselves, Cocoon is the best choice for cannabis storage.