• Large Cocoon (One Ounce)


    Volume Capacity: 1 ounce

    Dimensions (Height x Diameter):

    Bottle: 15.2cm x 8.0cm

    Cap: 2.2cm x 8.0cm

    Total Dimensions 17.4cm x 8.0

    Weight: 473 grams


    -       Bottle: Violet Glass

    -    Logo: Metallic Gold UV cured ink 

    -       Cap: Urea modling compound UF

    -       Airtight seal: PET / LDPE – Foam (1.5mm Thick)

    Cleaning Instructions: Interior and exterior can be washed with gentle soap and water. Interior may be cleaned with rubbing alcohol to remove sticky residue.

    Shipping: Complimentary shipping provided in the U.S. For purchases outside the US, please contact: info@cocoonglass.com